Avatar for Wir Unst Family

I’ve had in my mind a design for a logo or avatar for My Family Tree work for a while. I expected I would use it on my website when that gets created at some future point, but in doing a Blogging course recently, we were challenged to make a Blavatar for our blog (which is essentially the same thing). So, I decided to see if I could translate the idea that’s been in my head for a good couple of years into something digital.

My idea was sparked by the main avatar icon used by the Unst Show Facebook page facebook, with a map of Unst and the writing over the top with the colours flipped. I decided when I saw that, that my icon would be a map of Unst with something tree related as the alternate image, instead of text.

Something tree related was of course because this is a family tree, but there aren’t a huge number of trees on Unst since the exposed landscape means they don’t grow well, unless you build a wall to shelter them. One famous Unst resident [1], Dr Laurence Edmondston, a renowned ornithologist, decided to prove that trees could grow in Unst, and planted a walled wood of mainly Sycamores at the side of his house, Halligarth, in the 1830s. These trees are now quite tall, at least by Shetland standards!

Sycamores probably are the best trees for growing in Unst, my grandmother had one in her garden too which I climbed in as a youngster, so any tree related symbol ought to have something to do with a sycamore.

So I’ve come up with two designs, one with a tree and one with a leaf over the map of Unst in both cases. I’d really like your feedback on my designs, so I’m making a poll for you to vote on. I’m not fixed on the colour schemes yet, so if you like a design but not the colours, vote on the design and leave me a comment about the colours.

Sycamore Tree based design

Blavatar Tree 256x256 Smaller Sizes
Blavatar Tree 128x128Blavatar Tree 48x48
Blavatar Tree 96x96Blavatar Tree 32x32Blavatar Tree 16x16

Sycamore Leaf based design

Blavatar Leaf 256x256 Smaller Sizes
Blavatar Leaf 128x128Blavatar Leaf 48x48
Blavatar Leaf 96x96Blavatar Leaf 32x32Blavatar Leaf 16x16

[1] National Trust Document “Halligarth: The Home of a Naturalist”

Morag would love to hear what you think. Leave a comment here.

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