Guest Author: Rhoda Hughson

Rhoda Hughson Knitting

Author: Rhoda Hughson

The ‘Wir Unst Family’ blog is delighted to announce a new guest author writing on our blog – Rhoda Hughson.

Rhoda lives in Unst, and helps to run the Unst Heritage Centre. Prior to retiring, Rhoda was Britain’s most northerly head mistress in the Haroldswick Primary School, the same building which now serves as the Unst Heritage Centre. Also, she’s my mum! 🙂

Everyone, please welcome Rhoda!

Here are some of her posts:-

And you can read about her presenting at a Shetland Museum event.

4 thoughts on “Guest Author: Rhoda Hughson

  1. Welcome Rhoda! My paternal grandmother’s grandfather, James Smith, was a schoolteacher at Norwick from 1830-1861. He lived from 1805 to 1861. So I look forward to seeing stories from you about education on Unst.

    • Now that is most interesting, would love to know more! I help to run the Unst Heritage Centre and we have information about schools and school teachers on the island. Any information that you can give me about James Smith would be most welcome.
      E mail

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