Longevity Pedigree

I saw this idea in a blog post written by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, who writes at Genealogical Gems. She’d seen the idea suggested on Twitter.

Here are some others that have tried this out.

Another blogger has created a chart after reading Jeanne’s post, and gone further to look at the causes of death at the same time. See the post over at DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy.

And so I decided to try mine as well. Here it is. Hopefully this means I’ve got good long-lived genes!

Longevity Pedigree

My Longevity Pedigree


5 thoughts on “Longevity Pedigree

  1. This is pretty cool! My grandad spent a while finding out my family’s tree but he (and i) never considered jotting down how long everybody lived for! It’s definitely interesting to see where the general pattern lies for age!

    • I always used to think that people didn’t live so long in the ‘old days’ but it seems they lived to what we’d consider to be a ripe old age.

      • There’s one gent in my Unst Family Tree (not a direct descendant) who lived to 102. You’d be hard pushed to get to 100 even now, so it’s especially good in 1879!

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