‘Advert’ seen in 1873 Zetland Times

This ‘advert’ was published on the 13th January 1873, in the Zetland Times:


AGENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE to Entice People into MODERATE DRINKING and we will be sure to get the desired number of Sixty Thousand Drunkards in Great Britain for the year 1873. You can do all something whether you stand with smiling Faces holding the Decanter; by speaking against the extreme Teetotalers and Templars, or in favour of Moderation. Moderation, ah! ha! Go and work. The time of year has come. Always present your Bottle when a friend comes in; and you may accelerate the taste which may end in Drunkeness. You will not want your Wages from SATAN, MAMMON, & Co.

Was April Fools Day at a different time of year back in the 1800s?


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