Naming in remembrance

It is common to see children named after their grandparents in Scotland, and no doubt elsewhere in the world. I’ve seen many examples of it, but I came across one today that made me go, “Awww, how sweet.”

Jane Williamson was born to John Williamson and Susannah Spence, but Susannah died not long after she was born, and her dad remarried an Ursula Fraser, so Jane was brought up by her.

Jane marries Hosea Spence, and their first child is a daughter who they name Susanna Ursula Spence, which has to be named after her mother and her step-mother who brought her up.

Susanna Ursula Spence Tree

The Family Tree for Susanna Ursula Spence

Their second child, a son, was named after Hosea’s father, Thomas; their third after Jane’s father, John; and their fourth named James William was likely a nod to Hosea’s mother Williamina, as well as being named after his eldest brother.


7 thoughts on “Naming in remembrance

  1. I like the way Jane combined both of the names. There is so much creativity when a child has a middle name. The combinations are endless. You can even use the mother’s maiden name as a child’s middle name if the combination is a pleasing one and sounds good.

  2. What a sweet story on names. Thank you for sharing. We have a similar heritage in the naming of our daughter. Her first name is after a paternal grandmother who had 24 grandchildren not named after her, then her middle name is after a paternal great aunt, then her third given name is after my maternal grandmother. We hit all the bases. And she is known by her middle name – Marie – the other 2 names are just on paper, for the record so to speak Now her daughter (my granddaughter) has her mother’s middle name as her middle name. And on it goes. LOL.

  3. There used to be a tradition on the island here, of naming the first child born born in the parish after a new minister or doctor arrived in the community, giving , as their middle name , the new man’s surname.
    The story I like best is of the child born on a small isle to a gutter lass, there for the herring fishing season, the name Balta (the name of the island), Saxby (the Doctor’s surname) Murray (her surname).

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