A Family Tree on Wallpaper

Before the advent of online or software methods to capture your family tree, people wrote it down on paper. In our case, we had it on a long length of wallpaper as the tree was very much wider than it was tall, since it had all the cousins on it too.

I was in the process of adapting an earlier blog post (A family tree and more) for an article in a local genealogy club’s newsletter, and I thought I would try to find an image of a family tree written on wallpaper to add to the text.

So, I searched with Google Images, “Family Tree on Wallpaper”. What I discovered made me chuckle, how times have moved on. All I had were many different, and beautiful images of how people heave decorated their homes with their family trees on the wall, one such example below.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of what I was actually looking for. Never mind.

2 thoughts on “A Family Tree on Wallpaper

  1. Hi Morag, just interested in the family tree on wallpaper. I have all the Priest , Scott, and some Thomson’s on a roll of wall paper I bought from Harry Henderson shop about 40 yrs ago. I was working on it before I went to Aberdeen in 1982 and now I still have it in Sax, Spain and some of it can hardly be made out as it has been rolled out and in so many times it’s hardly legible. I always said when I retired (which I did 10 yrs ago) I would get back to it and I have put a lot on ancestry, but I still need to check out quite a bit from my notes, from when I sat in Baba Ann’s living room putting into note books.

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