Are we related?

I use the Ancestry website for building my family tree and there is a field at the top of each person profile page to show you what relationship you have to this person. Here’s one I spotted recently that made me chuckle.

Does this count as being related?

I’m not sure this really counts as being related?

4 thoughts on “Are we related?

  1. I am on My Heritage, but get the same convoluted connections. I hate spending time just to delete, and they appear more than once. Also, we get a family connection with another 11 people attached, who we don’t want. Can’t figure out how to take only the first person and not all the others. Some Fun!

  2. I agree you are not really related but that will not stop Ancestry from giving you hints about them. It is a pity there is not an option to indicate which people you wish to receive hints for and those that you don’t.

    • I have turned off hints notifications on Ancestry, so I don’t have that issue thankfully. Just because I am not related to this person does not mean I am not researching them. They are part of the Complete Unst Family Tree.

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