Unst Family History

I’m from Shetland, in fact from Unst, Britain’s most northerly island, and I am trying to put together a complete Unst family tree (read Why Am I Here? for the reasons why). This blog will contain any interesting anecdotes and comments as I go through the process of researching the ancestry of all people who lived in Unst.

I have registered my project as a One Place Study.

I’ve got two main sections splitting my posts into Family Tree related posts and Unst related posts, some posts will appear in both sections of course. Or if you prefer, you can just scroll through the blog, i.e. the list of posts which has the newest posts at the top, and see if you see anything interesting.

Here are some of my favourite posts to get you started:

My Blog Title

For those people not from Shetland who are wondering about the title of the blog, Wir Unst Family, “wir” is a Shetland (possibly even Scottish) word for “our”.

The banner photo at the top of the page is a view of Lund Beach, in Unst, taken looking South.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’m @onin543 on twitter and I have ancestors from Unst and the families also lived at Sotland – yup the names were matching !! Hope to hear from you soon TC x

    • Thanks For the encouragement Charles. Been rather busy with work so the research has had to take a back seat. Hope to be back at it again soon.

  2. Hi Morag, brilliant site…very interesting. My Grandfather was born in Crossbister (John B Fraser) and his brother lived there until 1999 (Alan B). Your site is very interesting and has steered me to Scotland’s People site and I found some very interesting records on my family. Thank you! Now if I can just find out where my great great great great grandfather was born and when he died..he was a fisherman in Unst but I can’t find the date. Anyway, thanks!

    • Hello Peter. My grandfather was William Fordyce Fraser and his brother was Alan Bradshaw Fraser so I’m assuming they’re the same family? My Grandad left Unst as a young man and I’ve only ever been there once. That was just before the building that Alan owned was converted into a Youth Hostel. My mum used to exchange letters with my dad’s cousin (Kathleen Smith) who lives/lived in Lerwick. She has a son called Larry. Might be of some use to you.
      Kind regards Lynn (Fraser – as was)

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