Orange Street

I’ve written before about difficulties in reading the handwriting on old documents. I had another example again today when trying to read a street name. This was for someone who had moved from Unst, Shetland to South Shields, County Durham, so it was in an area I don’t know well. The street name looked like “Orange Street” but I could have also believed it to say “Osange Street” so, since I didn’t know the area, and one should get to know the area you are working in, I decided to look it up.

Searching on Google Maps I could find no sign of either name. I recalled a previous time when I had been searching for a street and it turned out to no longer be there. So I thought it likely that the same had occurred with Orange Street.

Normally I’m used to looking at old Scottish Maps, but now I needed the same facility for English Maps. I found such a facility at Old

In these old maps, I found that, sure enough, Orange Street and it’s neighbour Raglan Street that I had found by paging forward in the census both no longer existed. I found nearby streets Frederick Street, Green Street and Brunswick Street, all coming off Laygate to allow me to line up the old and new maps together to see where the old streets previously were.

Orange Street Map 1858

Map from 1858 showing Orange Street in South Shields

Orange Street no longer there

Area in South Shields where Orange Street used to be.

Orange Street and it’s neighbours were redeveloped in the 1950s. I found a book South Shields in the 1950s: Ten Years that Changed a Town which says this:

.. the St Marks’s redevelopment scheme, at Laygate. On 3 July 1950 a notice had been placed in the South Shields Gazette giving notice, that the council of the Borough of South Shields … had made an order .. to compulsorily purchase the land and dwelling houses. Part one of the clearance area meant the demolition of Dixon Street, Raglan Street, Orange Street, Hardwick Street, Bedford Street – and part of Maxwell Street.

There is a little stub of a road coming off what is now Bedford Avenue which appears to be the remnants of where Orange Street once was. If you look at in on Street View it’s a parking area leading to some garages.

The Southtyneside images website has this photo of Orange Street (and the corner of Princes Street).

Orange Street and Princes Street, South Shields

When initially searching for Orange Street, I found various people asking for its location, so I will post links to this blog post as answers to their questions.

20 thoughts on “Orange Street

  1. Well done! I have been trying to locate “Orange Place, Westhoe” for some time, as my great-grandmother Maggie Patterson lived there as a child. I think you have solved the mystery. The street is on the 1861 census between Orange Street and Raglan Street and my guess is that it was the continuation of Orange Street west of Princes Street. It looks as if the site is now under a Lidl!

    • When I was initially searching I found a number of other people looking, so I hoped by writing it up, future people might be aided by my findings. Glad it helped you!

    • I don’t think Orange Street was situated quite where you think it was. I believe, and I could of course be wrong, that it ran parallel to Laygate Lane and lay under where the flats currently stand (directly opposite from where Lidl now stands). One of the things that could prove confusing is that New Green Street may not have been built over Green Street.

      • Hi Norman, You and I appear to believe it is in the same place then. I would say that Orange Street ran from the little stub of a road that I mention in the blog post, to around about where the Lidl now stands, which is indeed parallel to Laygate. I only posted a small square of each map (old and new) in my blog post. Just enough to show the two areas in question, but I did start off with a much bigger map with the modern and old maps overlaid and partially transparent so I could see through one to the other. I started by lining up Commercial Road, Laygate Lane, Frederick Street, and the piece of Brunswick Street that meets Laygate. This all matched, and even the kink in Laygate Lane after the new big roundabout lined up. You’re right that New Green Street wasn’t built over Green Street, but it’s entrance to Laygate Lane appears to be in the same place. Here is my transparent map that I took the small snippets from, for you to look at. Do you think I got it lined up correctly?

        Orange Street merged map

  2. Beautifully written. It is interesting to see the old and new maps with the transparency even just to see how much areas have changed. Thank you for the write up of Orange Street.

  3. I’m so pleased I found this,I’m trying to find my ancestors too and they lived orange street and Bedford street. So thanks .x

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